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Under Eye Light Filler

Under Eye Light Filler

Filler applications, which have an important place in non-surgical aesthetic procedures, have also different types themselves. Under eye light filler is one of them.

What Is Under Eye Filler?

Under eye light filler is one of the non-surgical aesthetic procedures that are applied to people who have such complaints as dark circles and depressed under eyes. Depressions under the eyes give that region a dark appearance. The darkness under the eyes causes facial expression to look old, tired and sluggish. The reason why this procedure is called under eye light filler is that the hollow and depressed areas under the eyes are filled with filler materials. The hollows are closed and it does not cause discoloration afterwards. Therefore, a bright appearance is achieved on the face. Tired-looking expression disappears and the face looks younger and brighter.

How Is Under Eye Light Filler Applied?

This procedure is applied in clinics without requiring general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia. The procedure is performed by injecting filler materials to the required parts under the eyes through small injectors. Not a complete filler procedure is applied. Under eye light filler procedure does not prevent you from your work and social life and does not require a resting period.

How Long Does It Last For?

Under eye light filler lasts for 5 minutes for each under eye area. It lasts so short that working people can get it during their lunch breaks.

Is Under Eye Light Filler Painful?

This filler application is not painful. Anaesthetic substances included in filler materials start numbing the skin the moment they are injected. Anaesthetic creams that are applied before the procedure allow you not feel needle insertion.

When Does Under Eye Light Filler Show Its Effect?

You can see the effect right after the procedure. Once the procedure is completed for one eye, you can compare it with the other eye because it instantly gives the filling effect.

Does Redness or Swelling Occur After the Procedure?

Under eye areas are thinner and more sensitive than other filling areas. Some redness and oedema can be seen after the application. But it disappears in a few days by applying cold compress.

What to Pay Attention Before Under Eye Light Filler

You should stop consuming aspirin, coraspin, alcohol, cherry and lemon at least 3 days before the procedure, as they can cause blood dilution. Otherwise, you may experience little bleeding and oedema becomes inevitable.

What to Pay Attention After Under Eye Light Filler

There is not a special condition to be considered before the procedure. The injection area should not be touched.

How Long Does the Effect of Under Eye Light Filler Last?

The effect of under eye light filler lasts about 6 months to 8 months just like in other filler materials.