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Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Men and women who have abdominal skin sagging that do not respond to diet and exercise but have smooth body contours are candidates for this surgery. This surgery is particularly beneficial for women who have given birth several times, have stretch marks and sagging on the abdominal skin and weakened abdominal muscles. Patients intending to lose weight should postpone this surgery. The women planning to become pregnant should postpone the surgery until after giving birth. An abdominoplasty surgery will improve your appearance and self-confidence; however , it will not provide you with an ideal appearance or eliminate other problems that require treatment. Before deciding on the surgery, you should carefully think about your expectations and discuss them with your surgeon. The sagging in abdominal area can be recovered with tummy tuck surgery. Sagging may occur in abdominal area especially due to excess weight gain and loss and pregnancy. The most definitive solution for this problem is surgical intervention. It is difficult to achieve a recovery for the sagged abdominal skin efficiently with other methods.


Aesthetic operations are very important for people to regain their self-confidence. For this reason, it would be the best option to take action immediately and follow the necessary steps for the aesthetic operation that you need instead of delaying it. If you have completed your weight loss period and you are not planning a new pregnancy in the near future, you can also have tummy tuck surgery for the sagging in your abdominal area.


Who Can Undergo Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy tuck surgery is performed on people who have sagging in their abdominal area. If the person is planning to lose weight, it would be more appropriate to undergo this surgery after reaching his ideal weight. Because losing weight after the surgery may cause sagging again. Abdominal area is the most affected by weight gain and loss. Moreover, it rapidly enlarges in pregnancy period and then rapidly shrinks. As a result of the increase and decrease of abdominal fats, skin sagging may occur. Stetch marks may also occur. It can be an extremely disturbing situation for these people. Tummy tuck surgery can be applied to these people and they can find a permanent solution to their problems.


How Is Tummy Tuck Surgery Performed?

During the operation, the sagged skin is removed. The abdomen is made to be flatter again. This operation should be performed in a sterile operating room. General anaesthesia is administered to patients. Abdominal wall muscles tighten again after the excess skin is removed. People who have given birth several times, have had multiple pregnancies and lose and gain weight frequently can tighten their abdominal area with this method. If the surgery is performed by a specialist physician under sterile conditions, complication risk becomes minimum. After a meticulous operation, you can reach a flat abdomen as you desire. Clothes look better on you and your self-confidence increase again.


Before Tummy Tuck Surgery

In your first examination, the surgeon will learn about your general health condition, the amount and distribution of abdominal fats, the sagging degree of abdominal skin and the quality of your skin. During this examination, you should provide accurate and detailed information to your surgeon about your prior diseases, current health problems (diabetes, etc.), your habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.) and the medications you use (aspirin, sedatives, etc.). You should also talk to your surgeon about why you want to have this surgery and what you expect from this surgery. Do not hesitate to discuss this issue clearly. As a result of your expectations and examination findings, you can be decided to be suitable for complete or mini abdominoplasty itself or along with liposuction, or liposuction only can be sufficient for you. During this examination, it should be discussed which anaesthesia type to choose, how many days you will stay in the hospital and what the possible problems you may encounter after surgery. Necessary blood tests are done. If it has decided to be appropriate, tummy tuck surgery is planned. It is also important to be decided beforehand that the patient is not planning to become pregnant in the near future. Moreover, if the person is planning to lose his excess weight, the surgery should be postponed until diet period is completed. Thus, the recovery and tightening that will be achieved in abdominal area will last longer.



After Tummy Tuck Surgery

One of the mostly asked questions about post-operative period after tummy tuck surgery is that whether it is inappropriate to become pregnant. In fact, there is nothing to prevent the person from becoming pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery. However, as the abdominal skin will stretch again during pregnancy, it would be more appropriate to undergo this surgery until after giving birth if the person is planning to become pregnant in the near future. It is very important to follow the physician’s instructions after surgery. Otherwise, recovery period may delay. Smoking, in particular, is a factor delaying wound healing. Therefore, patients are recommended to avoid smoking after the surgery. Moreover, you may feel mild pain in the first days. Painkillers can be received within the physician’s knowledge.


Tummy Tuck Surgery

This operation is considered among aesthetic interventions. Those who complain of the sagging in their abdominal area can prefer this surgery. It is the most effective method to have a tight and flat abdominal skin. Doing exercises and dieting will not help to create tightness in the abdomen. Because the sagging occurs on the skin. That is, strengthening muscles with exercises and reducing fat tissue with dieting do not treat the sagging on the skin. If you want a permanent recovery in your sagged abdominal skin, you should know that the most definitive solution is tummy tuck surgery. After this operation, you will be very surprised with the appearance of your abdominal area. It is possible to achieve a flat and tight abdominal appearance with this surgical intervention.


Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost

Operation cost may vary for each person. Because sagging degree and the amount of area to be recovered may be different for everyone. It would be more appropriate to share cost information after an individual examination.  The outcomes of the operation are really impressive. You reach a flat and tight abdomen again. You will be happy to watch your image in the mirror. After arranging payment plan and sharing detailed information, appointment can be made for tummy tuck surgery.