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Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh Lift Surgery

The most definitive treatment for the sagging skin in thighs is thigh lift surgery. Significantly successful results can be achieved with this type of surgery. Skin sagging caused by excessive weight gain and loss, inactivity and fatty diet can be recovered with this method.


How Is Thigh Lift Surgery Performed?

Sterile operating room conditions are required for the surgery. It is performed by a specialist physician. Excess skin is removed to eliminate the sagging in thigh area.

Thus, a recovery and tightening are achieved after thigh lift surgery.


Who Is a Good Candidate for Thigh Lift Surgery?

Sagging and cracks may be observed on the skin of thighs due to such reasons as rapid weight gain and loss or excessive weight loss. This situation is particularly more evident in the upper thigh area. Thigh lift surgery cost, on the other hand, varies depending on the area to be operated and whether an additional procedure will be performed. Skin sagging cannot be recovered with any other method. Therefore, the most definitive method to be recommended to people struggling with these problems is the surgical intervention.


Before Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh skin is in sagged condition before the surgery. It is even expected to encounter skin cracks in some parts. We can face this problem after weight gain and loss. Before deciding on the surgery, it is very important that the person be evaluated in detail and investigated whether she is suitable for the surgery.

It is recommended that you quit smoking, if you are, two weeks before the surgery. Smoking causes narrowing in the veins, thus impairing blood supply of the surgery area and delaying recovery period. For this reason, quiting smoking before thigh lift surgery allows you to recover faster, as in all surgical interventions.


After Thigh Lift Surgery

It is very important to have rest after this surgery, which is performed to eliminate saggings in thighs. You should rest for the specified duration recommended by your physician. Later on, you should avoid heavy exercises. Avoiding heavy works that can strain thigh muscles will ensure a faster recovery period. The recovery and tightening in your thighs after the surgery will make you quite surprised and satisfied.


What to Pay Attention After Thigh Lift Surgery

It is important to keep the suture areas clean after this surgery. Otherwise, there is a risk of wound infection. It is necessary to rest and avoid heavy exercise during the time specified by the physician. You can return to work after about one week-10 days. Moreover, it is quite normal to feed pain in the first days. It is not a severe pain. You can receive painkillers upon the recommendation of your surgeon. Avoiding smoking in the post-operative period ensures faster and smoother recovery period.


What Is the Success Rate of  Thigh Lift Surgery?

It can be comfortably said that this surgery provides very successful results. The sagging occurred in thigh areas can be effectively eliminated. It also ensures tightening in thighs that cannot be achieved with any other method.


Will There Be Sagging Again in Thighs After the Surgery?

Except for a very unusual situation, it is not expected to have sagging again after a successully performed surgery. Thigh area is recovered considerably well after a successully performed surgery.


Is Inner Thigh Lift Surgery Risky?

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Therefore, the risks that are valid in any type of surgery with anesthesia administration are also present in this surgery. In this respect, it is important that the patient is evaluated in detail before the procedure and necessary examinations are performed. Those who undergo inner thigh lift surgery may face such problems as opening of the wound area, bleeding and infection, even rarely. Physician’s instructions should be strictly followed after the surgery.



Is An Additional Operation Required After Thigh Lift?

After this operation, there is usually no need for an additional operation. People continue their new lives as tightened and free of excess skin. However, even rarely, sagging may occur again due to excess weight gain and loss after thigh lift surgery. Although this situation is seen quite rarely, people should be careful about their weight balance after the surgery.


Does Inner Thigh Lift Surgery Leave Scars?

Skin sagging in the inner thigh can be successfully eliminated with this surgery. The remaining scar is hardly visible. Moreover, it is unlikely to be noticed from the outside as it remains in inner thigh. That is, when someone undergo inner thigh lift surgery, it is extremely difficult for her surgery scar to be noticed by someone looking from the opposite side.