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Observ 520 Skin Analysis


Effect mechanism: Thanks to its different lighting models, it provides a sharper, more detailed visual image for different skin conditions and problems.

Key features and benefits: It helps to easily diagnose common skin disorders, using powerful polarization and fluorescent light technologies.

Most skin problems originate from deeper layers of the skin and hard to be diagnosed with the human eye only. This easy-to-use reference guide helps professionals to easily diagnose common skin disorders by using powerful polarization and fluorescent light technologies of OBSERV.

Distinctive characteristics of each skin disorder and a clear comparison between the problems that appear to be similar are exposed under different lighting modes of OBSERV.

This guide will be a quick reference to diagnose the skin problems caused by the impairment of internal biological mechanisms of the skin:

– Skin texture: Impairments in keratinization process, loss of structural integrity, infections, inflammations and loss of elasticity.

– Skin discoloration: Pigmentation disorders, inflammatory reactions, vascular abnormalities.

– Skin secretions: Deficiency of essential fatty acid (FAD), impaired acid balance, acne, bacteria.

Light Modes of OBSERV® 520:

Daylight: Daylight mode allows you to observe the patient’s skin under controlled daylight conditions. The appearance of skin is analysed in daylight and other skin analysis modes. Skin problems can be easily compared in daylight and other light modes.

Real UV: Thanks to different fluorescence behaviours of skin cells and secretions, the skin problems that can be hardly noticed or appear to be similar become distinguishable.

Woods: Spectral composition of Wood mode imitates a classical Wood light. By using the intensity dial, Wood light spectrum can be adjusted, which provides an additional diagnostic aspect.

Cross-Polarized: In cross polarized mode, surface glare of the skin and vascular or pigmentation disorders are directly revealed.

Parallel-Polarized: Parallel polarized mode increases the visibility of surface tissues of the skin such as skin micro relief, fine lines and wrinkle formations. Thanks to its unique fluorescent and polarized lighting technology, OBSERV® 520 instantly reveals skin problems, raises awareness and helps the planning of procedures to be applied.