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Mesotherapy applications are one of the non-surgical aesthetic and beauty applications. Mesotherapy applications are divided into two categories as skin mesotherapy application and hair mesotherapy application.

Hair mesotherapy application is a treatment for people with hair loss problem or for strengthening the weak hair. The main purpose of this treatment is to strengthen the existing hair, take precautions against hair loss and stop hair loss.

It should be noted about hair mesotherapy that it does not grow hair again. This treatment prevents hair loss but does not grow new hair. Hair transplantation should be applied to grow new hair. Hair mesotherapy is a treatment that is frequently applied to strengthen the new hair which grows after hair transplantation.

Mesotherapy substance essentially contain intense vitamin C. It provides the vitamin C support for the hair and make it look brighter, shinier and fuller.

How Is Hair Mesotherapy Applied?

Hair mesotherapy is the injection of mesotherapy substances to the scalp with the help of small injectors. It is applied in sessions.

How Many Sessions of Hair Mesotherapy Are Applied?

Hair mesotherapy sessions are determined depending on the degree of hair loss and the response of the hair to the first session. It is usually applied in 3 sessions or 6 sessions. Sessions are applied at the interval of 3 weeks.

How Long Does Hair Mesotherapy Application Last?

The application lasts 15-20 minutes as it is applied to the whole scalp.

When Does Hair Mesotherapy Show Its Effect?

Hair mesotherapy shows its effect 2-3 weeks after the application.

Is Hair Mesotherapy Painful?

Anaesthetic creams are applied before the procedure. People do not feel the injection pain. However, vitamin C content in mesotherapy can cause mild burning sensation during the procedure.

Who Can Have Hair Mesotherapy?

This procedure can be applied to anyone who has hair loss problem, who have weak hair and who do not have any disease or medications that will pose a risk for the procedure. It can be applied to both men and women at all age groups.

When to Return Daily Life After Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy application does not require an operating room condition and hospitalization. Patients can return their daily and social lives right after the procedure.

Does Hair Mesotherapy Have Side Effects?

This procedure does not have any harm or side effects.

What to Pay Attention Before Procedure

Before hair mesotherapy application, blood thinners (aspirin, coraspin, etc.) or anything that has blood diluting effect (alcohol) should not be taken.

What to Pay Attention After Procedure

We recommend you protect your hair from water for 24 hours after hair mesotherapy application. There is not any special condition that requires extra attention.