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How Is Ice Laser Applied?

Ice Laser hair removal effectively destroys the hair follicles with the gradual heating method it uses, preventing damage to the surrounding skin and eliminating the risk of burns on the skin. In this patented in-Motion™ technique, where the treatment head is constantly moved as if ironing in the application area, the hair follicle is gradually heated.

Since the gradual heating method allows for a higher energy level, the desired effect is provided especially on thin and light hairs. Ice Laser, which feels like a massage, offers an extremely comfortable hair removal. It prevents unintended consequences such as zebra stripes that may occur in traditional laser hair removal methods. The contact cooling system, which cools the skin like ice during application, also allows for almost completely painless hair removal.

ICE Technology / Ice Laser

Ice Laser has ICe Technology that effectively cools the skin for a long time during application. The cold sapphire tip on the head of the Ice Laser device cools and relaxes the skin during application. When the sapphire tip touches the skin, it is icy cold and cools the skin down to -3°C. This contact cooling system increases patient comfort, making applications more comfortable and enjoyable than ever before, minimizing the risk of side effects. It eliminates the risk of burns and blemishes on the skin.


Painless / Comfortable Laser Hair Removal

In Ice Laser hair removal, the head is in constant motion like ironing the skin. With this method, the temperature that will destroy the hair follicle is reached gradually. This gradual heating method and advanced cooling system together allow for almost completely painless hair removal. Since the Ice Head cools the skin down to -3 ° C, during the application, the skin becomes ice-cold, refreshed and only a very mild heat is felt. In this way, a much higher level of energy can be used especially in the hair removal of deep-placement hairs such as the male back and chest area without the risk of pain and side effects.

Ice Laser™ sessions take place in the comfort of massage with its painlessness and feeling coolness on the skin.

Ice Laser Hair Removal Fast / Whole Body in 35 Minutes

Ice Laser has a large-sized treatment head that shortens the session times in half. With the treatment head with a 2X1 cm scanning area and technology that fires 10 shots per second, today’s fastest possible hair removal occurs with Ice Laser. About 35 minutes is enough for whole body hair removal.

Application in All Skin and Hair Types / 4 Seasons Hair Removal

The Diode wavelength used by the Ice Laser hair removal system has moderate melanin absorption. This medium absorption level, advanced contact cooling system, patented ICe Technology (ice head) and patented in-Motion technique ensure safe application in all skin types including bronze skin and all hair types, including fine bristles, in all seasons.