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What Is Frozen Face (Needle-Free Mesotherapy)?

Frozen Face, a needle-free mesotherapy application, is one of the most common methods in beauty sector. It eliminates all the aging signs on the skin and transfers the special solutions to the skin that are prepared with electroporation method and are good for the skin. Since it is a needle-free mesotherapy method, it is one of the most comfortable procedures both for being practical and ensuring easy application on the skin. One of the most important advantages is that it provides a regional effect rather than affecting individual pores as in needle mesotherapy procedures.


What are the Benefits of Frozen Face (Needle-Free Mesotherapy)?

Frozen Face creates more than one effect on the skin. One of the most important effects is that it eliminates all the aging signs on the skin. It is also effective in treating skin blemishes. After being administered, it ensures moisturizing and breathing of the skin. In this way, it helps to maintain moisture balance and treats skin dryness. Creating a filling effect on the skin, it provides a vibrant, young and bright appearance.


Steps of Frozen Face (Needle-Free Mesotherapy)

In the first step of Frozen Face, blood circulation is slowed down with the device head which feels like ice. In this way, the canals on the skin surface are kept open. The products used in Frozen Face procedure have extremely specific and effective content. These products are transferred through micro canals that are opened by slowing down blood circulation. The products contain such effects as wrinkle removal, lightening the colour of skin blemishes, moisturizing the skin and restoring the skin to its prior volume.

In the second step of Frozen Face, the skin is tightened with radio-frequency energy. In other words, a tighter and firmer skin appearance is achieved. During this step, while the device gives heat by radiofrequency waves, it also minimizes the sensation of person with a technology that is balancing the resulting heat.

When to Have Frozen Face (Needle-Free Mesotherapy) Treatment?

Frozen Face is usually preferred by people with aging signs on their skin. However, those who have the slightest skin problem or even have no skin problem can also apply to have this application. As it provides greatly positive results for little problematic or non-problematic skins and it is a very strong skin rejuvenation method, it delays aging symptoms. Therefore, everyone who want to delay aging symptoms and recover skin problems can prefer this procedure.