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Fat Injection

Fat Injection

Fat injection is the process of removing fats from any part of the body and injecting them to another part of the body through a canal. Fats are usually removed from the abdominal area. Although different materials are used for facial filling, fat injection is the most preferred one among these materials.

Who are the candidates for fat injection?

It can be applied to all patients who experience volume loss and want to get rid of the aging impacts on their bodies.

For which regions can fat injection be done?

It can be applied to many regions such as face, lips, eyelids, eyebrows, chin, cheeks, aging lines, buttocks, etc.

What are the impacts of fat injection?

Fat injection provides a volume increase in the injected region and rejuvenates the relevant body part, delay the aging process and improves the quality of skin.

How is fat injection performed?

The fat cells that are extracted from the areas which are rich in fats such as abdomen, hips, thighs and waist with the help of a fine cannula are passed through a special procedure and then transferred to the desired regions by the injectors.

What to pay attention before fat injection?

As in all other surgeries, you should stop smoking at least three weeks before this operation due to such problems as wound healing, etc. Blood thinners and similar substances should also be stopped one week before the operation as they cause bleeding problems. Diabetes patients should control their blood glucose level and hypertension patients should control their blood pressure during the pre-operative period. The medications and food that should be avoided are; weight loss products, herbal products such as green tea, flaxseed, cherry stalk, tomato seed, painkillers such as Apranax, Voltaren, Vermidon (Minoset, Novalgin, Xefo-rapid can be used when a painkiller is needed), blood thinners such as Aspirin, Coraspin, Plavix, Clexane, multivitamin pills containing such substances as Ginseng, ginco bloba, co-enzyme Q.

How long does fat injection last for?

It lasts for about 30 minutes.

Is fat injection procedure painful?

Fat injection procedure is not painful.

What to expect after fat injection surgery?

There may be mild swelling in the injection area. Bruising is not expected. But there may be a mild bruising on the fat removal area associated with the amount of extracted fat. It may cause a mild edema on the face for about one week. However, swelling and bruises are not so severe to disrupt patient’s social life on the contrary to other operations. Patients can be discharged on the same day of the operation and take shower on the next day.

Does fat injection provide permanent results?

It provides permanent results but the amount of permanent fats varies depending on the region where fat injection is made. While its permanence is very high (50-80%) in the regions that are not too much active such as cheeks, eyelids and forehead, it is lower (20-30%) in actively used regions such as lips. However, the injected fats do not dissolve completely.