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Eximia HR 77

What is Eximia HR 77?

EXIMIA HR 77 is the technology that collects the processes of purifying the skin from dead skin, expelling fat cells from the skin, reducing wrinkles, relieving cellulite and crack appearance in a single system. Thanks to this technology developed for those who cannot achieve the desired form and thinness with diet and sports, it is now possible to achieve the desired fitness with personalized methods!


How is Eximia HR 77 applied?

EXIMIA HR 77 is a technology that provides regional thinning with personalized programs that collect the application made by 4 different devices in a single system. In practice, the skin is purified from dead cells with the microdermoabration system and oxygen is provided. Then, laserporation (needle-free mesotherapy) method is ensured to expel the fat cells in the skin. With EndoRadioMag, lymph flow accelerates, with RadioLift tightening, cellulite and cracked appearance are reduced. Thus, with a single application, the skin is tightened and the tissues are rejuvenated. The most obvious feature of the application is that it provides 40% fat reduction in 7 days. Exercise and a proper diet are recommended to ensure permanence after the procedure.


In how many sessions can Eximia HR 77 be applied and for whom?

Eximia HR 77 can be applied to everyone, but it is not recommended to be applied during pregnancy. After birth, regional thinning can be achieved without problems. 7 sessions are recommended for the application, sessions can be extended according to the size of the area. Session intervals should be programmed for a maximum of 72 hours. Session times vary according to the area applied and range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. After one week, the expected results can be obtained.