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Cheek and Cheekbone Fillers

Cheek and cheekbone fillers are one of the most common procedures among non-surgical facial aesthetic applications.

What Is Cheek Filler?

Cheek filler is one of the procedures applied to minimize the asymmetries on the face. One side of the face may be larger or smaller than the other. In other to maintain balance, fillers are injected to smaller side and asymmetrical situation is minimized.

What Is Cheekbone Filler?

Cheekbone filler is applied to cheekbones as it can be understood from the name. The aim is to define cheekbones and achieve a pleasant facial expression.

Cheekbone and cheek fillers are sometimes confused as they are applied regionally very close to each other. Two procedures can be done separately or applied at the same time when necessary.

How Is Cheek Filler and/or Cheekbone Filler Applied?

These filler applications are applied by injecting the filler material to the required parts of cheeks or cheekbones with the help of small injectors. Anaesthetic cream is administered before the procedure.

How Long Does Cheek Filler and/or Cheekbone Filler Last For?

The duration of cheek filler applications can change depending on the degree of asymmetry and the size of application area. It averagely last for 10 minutes. Cheekbone filler lasts for about 5 minutes.

Is Cheek Filler and/or Cheekbone Filler Painful?

Filler applications are not painful. Anaesthetic creams that are administered before the application prevent the feeling of needle insertion. Numbing effect available in filler materials also prevent feeling any pain.

When Does Cheek Filler and/or Cheekbone Filler Shows Its Effect?

The fillers show their effect right after the application.

Does Redness or Swelling Occur After Cheek Filler and/or Cheekbone Filler?

Swelling and redness condition in filler application changes depending on tenderness of the skin. Cheek fillers can cause redness as they are usually applied in larger areas. But it disappers in a few hours.

What to Pay Attention Before the Procedure

You should not use any blood thinning product before  cheek filler and cheekbone filler applications. For example; alcohol, aspirin, corasoin, lemon and cherry should be stopped at least 3 days before the application.

What to Pay Attention After the Procedure

The injection areas should not be touched until the fillers settle down. Therefore, it is recommended to protect the injection area from water and make-up for 24 hours after the application.

How Long Are the Effects of Cheek Filler and/or Cheekbone Filler Permanent?

Both cheek fillers and cheekbone fillers are permanent for 6-8 months. After this period, fillers dissolve. It can be applied again if desired.