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Breast Augmentation

When Is Breast Augmentation Performed?


Their physical appearance is very important for women. Insufficient breast tissue may result in loss of self-confidence. It has become possible to correct this problem with the developing medical treatments. Thanks to breast augmentation operation, women can get the breasts in desired size. Thus, their posture improves, they become more confident and the clothes they wear look better on them.

Having small breasts can be traumatic for some people. Instead of dealing with this problem and losing self-confidence, it would be wiser to find a permanent solution to this problem. It is quite normal that people want to benefit from aesthetic operations to make them feel better.


Who Should Undergo Breast Augmentation?

The women whose breast tissue is not in sufficient size can undergo breast augmentation operation after the evaluation of a specialist physician. It is important to make the right decision in this period. If the person is sure of her decision, there is no problem as long as there is no health problem to prevent the operation. Physician’s decision also supports your decision in general; because having an aesthetically pleasant appearance is very important for most women. You must be above the age of 18 and have completed breast development for this operation.


Before Breast Augmentation

Before the operation, you should inform your physician about your chronic diseases and the medications you use regularly if available. Moreover, you should stop using painkillers and aspirin-like drugs at least eight days before the operation. If you are smoking, you should inform your physician about this situation and stop smoking two weeks before the operation in order not to delay recovery period.

You should avoid using the drugs that will accelerate bleeding before the operation. You should also follow the instructions of your physician. You do not feel any pain during the operation as it is performed under anaesthesia. Recovery period is very fast.


Which Method Is Used for Breast Augmentation?

Breast Implant is the most widely used method in the world for breast augmentation. Natural and aesthetically pleasing results can be achieved in breast augmentation surgery with the newly developed breast implants, which have approached to perfection with the developing technology in the last 50 years. Patient satisfaction increases after a successfully completed breast implant insertion.

The risk of breast cancer which causes fear of these surgeries among people has been eliminated with the newly released breast implants. Breast implants do not interfere with screening and detection for breast cancer or breastfeeding.

With the latest technology in breast augmentation surgeries, such possibilities as the bursting of cohesive-gel breast implants, causing cancer or causing reactions are eliminated.

Breast implants used for breast augmentation can stay with the person for a lifetime and do not need to be removed.

How to Determine the Suitable Silicone in Breast Augmentation Surgery?


In breast augmentation surgery, inframammary incision technique is the most common technique by 90% in the world. Because the most beautiful breast shape is achieved with this technique and the complication risk is minimum compared to other techniques. Breast implant can be placed under the breast tissue, under the membrane of breast muscle (subfascial) that is called pectoral muscle, or under the pectoral muscle. It is decided according to the existing breast tissue of our patient. If the person has sufficient breast tissue, there will be sufficient tissue on the implant to hide it and a natural appearance is achieved and edges of the implant cannot be noticed; but if the patient has little or no breast tissue, then the implant is placed under breast muscle so that it cannot be noticed that an implant has been placed.


Types of Implants Used for Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation operations are performed using saline or silicone gel implants. Outer shells of saline implants are also made of silicone. It contains sterile, salty water inside. In silicone implants, outer shells are also filled with silicone gel.

What Types of Breast Implants Are Used in Breast Augmentation?

There are a wide variety of breast implants in breast augmentation. In determining the breast implant to be used in breast augmentation surgery; the shape of the patient’s breast, the desired breast size to be achieved and the ideal breast shape for that patient are the important factors. During the surgery, it is aimed to achieve a natural augmentation by providing a proportional enlargement in the breast to the body. Some of the breast implant types that can be preferred in breast augmentation surgery are as follows:

  • Drop (Anatomic)
  • Round
  • High Defination
  • Modarate Defination
  • Low Defination
  • Textured
  • Smooth


How Will the Ability to Breastfeed Be Affected After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Since the implant is placed under the mammary glands and breast tissue in all three plans, it does not interfere with breastfeeding and does not cause confusion in breast cancer screening. You can breastfeed your baby after post-operative recovery period is completed.

After Breast Augmentation

After the operation, patients should follow the instructions of physician. They should not lie face down for a while and avoid heavy works. They should avoid strenuous activities that require muscle power in order to overcome this process without any problems. Slight exercises can be started gradually after consulting the physician. However , it takes at least 6 months to start heavy exercises.

What Are the Results of Breast Augmentation?

Body measurements are greatly important for most women. Therefore, the results of breast augmentation are quite satisfying for women. They become happy with their image on the mirror and think that the clothes they wear look better on them.


Breast Reduction

When the breast tissue is larger than normal and it disturbs the person, breast reduction operation can be performed. With this operation, the desired change is achieved in the physical appearance of women and back and neck pain are relieved significantly. One of the most important factors of physical appearance is the breast size. If they are excessively large, it may cause serious distress in women’s lives. The first reason of large breasts can be genetic factors or it may develop later due to excessive weight gain and breastfeeding.

While only a reduction is sufficient for the breast appearance in some cases, breast lift may also be required along with breast reduction. In this way, sagging problem is also eliminated during the same operation.


How Is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?


It is performed under anaesthesia. It is also important to provide sterile operating room conditions. It is an operation performed by a specialist physician and is completed in a longer time compared to breast augmentation. By removing the excess tissue through the incision site, a reduction is achieved in breast size. As the large breasts cause back and neck pain, the operation may not be performed with aesthetic concerns. Breast reduction costs are determined according to the technique and the procedure to be applied.


Breast Reduction Methods

Various methods can be tried to reduce breast tissue. Exercise and diet are one of these methods. However, it will not be enough in some cases. Besides, there is a risk of encountering sagging again. The most definitive method is surgical operation and it is the way to achieve permanent reduction in breast tissue. In other methods, there is a risk of breast enlargement again in case of weight gain. As the fat tissue increases in the body, breast tissue enlarges again. However, you do not face such a situation after breast reduction operation.


Before Breast Reduction


Screening methods are used to monitor breast tissue. Mammography and USG are among the preferred breast screening methods. Some blood tests should also be done. Before the operation, it is planned to remove the excess fat and skin tissue during the operation. It might be really annoying to live with large breast tissues for the patients. The main problem before the breast reduction operation is that the women who are bothered by large breasts and psychologically distressed act without doing enough research. Considering the procedure only as getting rid of the unpleasant appearance, they decide on the operation without asking its details and finding the right surgeon. The main goal of breast reduction surgery is to make our patient look beautiful as well as to maintain body health by reducing the breast size. Moreover; the breasts, proportional to the other parts of body, are ensured to perform their normal functions such as breastfeeding and nipple sensation. For this reason, you should pay attention to the comments about previous operations that were held by the surgeon who you choose for breast reduction surgery. You should achieve a smooth and perfect breast instead of getting rid of the existing problem but experiencing other problems. After choosing your surgeon for breast reduction surgery, it is started to perform required examinations and tests. By analysing your body structure, we help you with deciding on the breast shape you would like to have. According to your preferences primarily and your health condition, the procedures are initiated for breast reduction surgery.

What Are the Risks of Breast Reduction?

Based on reducing the breast tissue, this operation is performed under general anaesthesia. Therefore, the risks that are available in every surgery with anaesthesia administration are also present in breast reduction operation. However, completing preliminary examination and tests are important in this aspect. Also, if the incision area is not cared well enough and not kept clean, various problems may occur such as scar site infection or bleeding. It is very important to follow the instructions of physician after the surgery.


Does Breast Reduction Leave Scars?

It is an important issue whether the operation will leave any scars. Incisions are opened from some points in order to remove the excess tissue during breast reduction operation. These incision areas are stitched at the end of the operation. Breast reduction surgeries always leave scars; there will be a scar around the nipple, a vertical scar below the nipple or a horizontal scar below the breast depending on the size and sagging of the breast. The length of the scar changes depending on the size and sagging of breast and skin elasticity of the patient. All of the scars fade over the time and become hardly noticeable.

Is it possible to perform breast reduction surgery in an unnoticeable way or with a minimum scar?

Whichever technique is used, incision scars on the breast become too small to be noticed as long as the scar lines are not closed tightly. The least scar is achieved by periareolar technique in which the incision is only made on the nipple, but this technique is not suitable for each breast.

In which cases inverse T-shaped scar is done?

This method is mostly used in the patients with excessively large and sagged breasts, in the patients whose skin elasticity has impaired due to losing too much weight, in elderly people and those with excessive asymmetry in their breasts.

After Breast Reduction

Patient may need to stay in the hospital for one night after the operation. Discharged patients are invited for control appointments at regular intervals. It is necessary to follow the instructions of physician on how to take care of scar site and how to carry out daily works. It is very important to have rest after breast reduction surgery. Strenuous works and heavy physical exercises should be avoided until a full recovery is achieved. Patients can return to their work by consulting their physicians when they feel themselves well enough.

Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cause Much Pain?

It is normal to have little pain after each operation. However, in case of a severe pain, it is absolutely necessary to consult the surgeon who performed the operation. Painkillers are usually enough to relieve the post-operative pain. Patients mostly ask about whether they will feel pain after the surgery. However, it is not expected to experience a severe pain.

Does Breast Reduction Cause Cancer?

This operation or other breast aesthetic operation do not cause cancer. This belief among the people is not true. Breast aesthetic operations have been carried out all over the world for many years. However, there has been no evidence about these operations to cause cancer, yet. Therefore, people who are planning to undergo breast reduction operation should not be confused with this inaccurate information.

What to Pay Attention After Breast Augmentation?

After the operation, the area around the stitches should be kept clean. Painkillers can be received with physician’s recommendation in case of pain. Smokers should definitely avoid smoking during recovery period. Otherwise, healing of the incision area will delay.

It is necessary to avoid heavy works and exercises after breast reduction surgery. Starting heavy exercises without consulting your physician may cause opening of the scar area. For this reason, it will be more appropriate to spend the recovery period by resting at home as much as possible.

Breast Asymmetry

Even a small asymmetry can sometimes cause women to hide their breasts, feel ashamed of their bodies and much severe psychological traumas in the following period.

Successful results are achieved in asymmetric breast treatments with the opportunities provided by the developing technology to the plastic surgeons for the treatment of asymmetric breasts.

Although the asymmetric breast development can be seen together with certain diseases and syndromes, breast asymmetry problems that are not based on a specific reason are more common.

In asymmetric breast treatments, it would be more appropriate to plan the procedure according to the body structure and personal desires of the patient. Age and weight of the patient, whether she has given birth or whether she is planning to be pregnant determine the procedure to be applied. In the surgical intervention, small breasts can be augmented with implants or large breasts can be reduced and lifted. If it is not possible to achieve the patient’s ideal appearance in these two procedures, one breast can be enlarged at a certain amount and the other breast can be reduced in the same session.

The breasts that are made symmetrical will give the person an aesthetic gain as well as increasing her self-confidence.

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is very effective for women who are bothered by their sagged and cracked breasts. It is important to recover the sagging breast tissue for ensuring a young body. Sagging may occur in the breast due to such reasons as breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight fluctuations and growing older. It is a very common situation. The most definitive method for correcting sagging breasts is surgical operation. It is usually not possible to achieve an effective recovery in other methods.

How Is Breast Lift Performed?

People who have sagging problem in their breasts benefit greatly from breast lift operation. The operation is performed under general anaesthesia in operating room conditions. A specialist physician examines if there is an undesired situation to prevent surgery after a preliminary evaluation and starts the operation if there is no obstacle.

Sagged parts of the breast skin are recovered by removing the excess tissue. It is a frequent situation that the breasts sag down due to various reasons. Therefore, many people want to learn breast lift costs and what kind of an operation it is.

Who Should Undergo Breast Lift?

It is inevitable to have sagging in the breasts especially with the advancing age. No matter how much the person does regular exercise, it is not possible to stand against the gravity effect. People who have sagging and cracks on their breast tissue can consider having breast lift operation. Surely, patient’s general health condition should be evaluated and her suitability for the surgery should be determined. Breast lift surgery is applied to the patients whose breasts sag down and are lower than normal place, caused by various reasons such as giving birth, breastfeeding and weight fluctuations. This operation can also be applied for the tubular breast deformity.

Before Breast Lift

Before the procedure, the breast skin has been sagged. Also for the stetch marks on the skin, this intervention is preferred. Some blood tests are requested to evaluate the general health condition before the surgery. Internal tissue of the breast is monitored as well. Smokers should stop smoking two weeks before the operation. It is important to pay attention to this warning because smoking delays wound healing. It should also be stopped to take painkillers two weeks before the operation. If you have medications that you need to use every day due to another disease, you should inform your physician. You can also request information about breast lift cost before the procedure.


After Breast Lift

You need to go for a follow-up examination after the operation. Operation area is examined by the physician during this examination. As the operation is performed with aesthetic concerns, women are very curious about how they will look after the operation. Therefore, they become inpatient to see the result as soon as possible. Providing that the instructions of physician are followed strictly, patients can see the desired result in the fastest way. It is necessary to avoid all kinds of exercises for one month and heavy exercises for three months after breast lift operation. Scar site care should not be neglected and the relevant area should be kept clean. Recovery will begin in a short time and the improvement in breast tissue will become noticeable.


Can Women Breastfeed After Breast Lift Surgery?

In breast lift surgery, breast tissue is not intervened. The sagging parts of the skin tissue are removed and the breast is uplifted. For this reason, there is no obstacle for the women to breastfeed after breast lift operation. As the sagged breast tissue is corrected in fact, it will be easier for the baby to grasp the nipple. Operation decision can be taken safely after searching about the costs.

Depending on the extent of the breast lift operation and the procedures to be applied, it becomes clear what you will experience during the breastfeeding period. Severity of the sagging and the damage it causes on the breast are determined and then it is understood how much the mammary glands will be affected. Mothers who are considering breastfeeding their babies after breast lift surgery should talk to their doctor about this issue. Operation plan should be made accordingly.

Do Breasts Sag After Breast Lift Surgery?

Whether there will be sagging in the breasts again is another issue that is asked as much as the cost of breast lift surgeries. Once they have undergone an operation, people do not want to face the same problem again. It is an extremely normal expectation. As the excess skin tissue is removed by a surgical intervention during this operation, it is not expected to have sagging again. However, it is inevitable to face some sagging in case of excessive weight fluctuations.


Does Breast Lift Surgery Correct All Stetch Marks on Breasts?  

Another goal of breast lift operations is to correct stetch marks on the breast. However, in order to answer this question correctly, the breast skin appearance should be examined and physical examination should be oerformed. Later, more clear information can be given about whether all stetch marks will disapper. Breast lift operation is intended for removing both the sagged and cracked skin.


Are The Postoperative Scars After Breast Lift Surgery Disturbing?

Making incisions on the skin will naturally remain scars after the operation. Breast lift operation can unfortunately not be performed without leaving any scars. However, the operation is tried to be completed with the smallest incision area by working meticulously. Moreover, if you pay attention to scar site care and ensure the incision area to recovery smoothly, the remaining scar will become hardly noticeable.

People who complain of sagging problem want to learn about the cost of breast lift operations. You can take an appointment to receive information about the details, costs and whether you are suitable for the operation.