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Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures

What is botox?

“Botox and Dysport” are the drugs produced from the bacteria of “Clostridium Botulinum” at a laboratory and containing Botulinum toxin which is used to relax muscles.

Botox can disappear wrinkles and lines on the skin. Botox shows its effect for about 4-6 months. Duration of effect changes from person to person. This duration is affected by the age and the situation of application area. Almost everyone, except for pregnant and breastfeeding women, can get botox procedure.

Which wrinkles can Botulinum toxin/Botox-Dysport correct?

Forehead wrinkles,

Wrinkles around eyes,

Wrinkles between eyebrows,

Neck lines (nefertiti lift), wrinkles around the nose, nose tip lift, fine and superficial wrinkles on the upper lip (smoking lines), chin wrinkles (marionette lines).

It is also applied to palms, feet and armpits to reduce excessive sweating.

Facial Botox Application Areas

Botox is applied for these conditions on the face; forehead wrinkles that give the face a tired and old appearance, the lines between eyebrows that cause an angry expression on the face, the wrinkles around eyes (crow’s feet), fine lines on upper lip, eyebrow lifting, bringing the eyebrows to the desired position, correction of wrinkles on the neck skin.

How is Botulinum toxin/Botox-Dysport applied?

Treatment area is cleaned about 15-30 mins before the procedure and local anaesthesia cream is applied. The drug is diluted and injected into the muscles in the treatment area in a very small amount.

What to pay attention after Botulinum toxin/Botox-Dysport treatment?

It is very important to stay in upright position for 4 hours after the treatment in order to ensure the Botulinum toxin/Botox-Dysport drug remain in the injected area.

You can wash your face and do make-up after 4 hours.

You should avoid extremely hot conditions (shower, hammam, sauna, heavy exercises, hot and spicy food) for 1-2 days.

There may be asymmetry on eyebrows and the face after botox. This situation is easily recovered during the control one week after the procedure.

In the procedures applied to eye contour and forehead; some temporary side effects may occur such as droopy brows and eyelid, double vision, etc. These side effects occur very rarely and spontaneously regress in 1-2 months. You can use special eye drops to relieve these side effects. When the botox is applied between eyebrows and on forehead, brows are lifted. This condition is related to the person’s brow structure. Lifted brows usually give the face a young and dynamic appearance. However, brows are lifted unnecessarily in some people and cause a disturbing appearance. If forehead movement is done before botox, it can be understood how much the eyebrows will be lifted. By injecting a small amount of botox upper the eyebrows, excessive lifting of the brows can be prevented.

Botox does not inflate the face.

If masseter botox is applied after the age of  45, sagging may occur in the middle face as the skin elasticity decreases. Because masseter muscle suspends the face. However, if masseter botox is applied as of 30s, the enlargement of this muscle is stopped and the shortening of jaw muscles and bones is prevented that is caused by jaw clenching. Teeth remain healthy. Moreover, sagging problem is not experienced as the skin becomes tight and firm.

How long the effect duration of Botulinum toxin/Botox-Dysport treatment?

Its effect can vary from person to person or even in the same person. Depending on such factors as sleep pattern, diseases, used medications, smoking-alcohol consumption, the effects disappear in 2-6 months. The average effect duration is 3-4 months.

What are the side effects of Botulinum toxin/Botox-Dysport treatment?

Botox injections have little or no side effects, and possible side effects are temporary. There may be a mild headache and some bruising that heals in a few days and can be covered with make-up.

Due to the wrong application or in case of bending forward for the first 4 hours, the drug may move to a closer point of eyelid and cause upper eyelid to temporarily droop (ptosis). However, it is a very rare side effect.

Do I lose my mimics after Botulinum toxin/Botox-Dysport treatment?

The result depends on the injection area and the amount of injected drug.

It will prevent the movements (mimics) that cause wrinkles on the forehead and eyebrows, but the application can be made in such a way to allow slight muscle movements, if desired. -Hollywood Botox). Other muscles of the face are not affected by the drug.

In other words, only the muscles that are intervened are affected by the drug.


Who cannot have Botulinum toxin/Botox-Dysport treatment?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should wait to get injections.

People who have neuromuscular diseases or bleeding problems and those with skin diseases on the relevant area are not good candidates.