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Arm Lift Surgery


Arm lift surgery is performed to recover sagging arm skin due to various reasons. Such causes as fluctuations in weight, not exercising regularly and fatty diet lead to sagging of arm skin. It becomes inevitable to encounter sagging and stetch marks on the skin as growing older. People who are not comfortable with wearing short sleeves and who try to hide their arms usually have the problem of sagging arm skin. Gaining excess weight and then rapidly losing it is the most common reason of skin sagging. It is usually not possible to correct this sagging through exercise or diet. Surgical intervention becomes inevitable.



Why Does Arm Skin Sag Down?


Arm skin may sag downward due to various reasons such as gravity, excess weight, sedentary lifestyle and fatty nutrition. Aging is also an important factor in the formation of sagging. The muscle structure that is not tight enough triggers the sagging of skin. Consequently, all these factors result in an undesirable arm appearance.  Arm lift surgery can be applied for this condition that occurs in upper arm area. People become more confident when they get rid of the sagging in their arms. Moreover, they can comfortably wear short-sleeved clothes in summer.


How Is Arm Lift Surgery Performed?


It is performed under general anaesthesia. Patients are anesthetised and necessary procedures are carried out to remove the excess skin. It is performed by a specialist physician. Patients do not feel any pain as they are administered anaesthetic drugs. When they wake up, the operation will have been completed and they have been taken to their rooms. It is a very comfortable procedure. There may be minor pain afterwards. It can be relieved with painkillers. As long as there is no problem about general health condition, everybody can have arm lift surgery. Although the arm skin sagging is generally the problem of advanced age, it can also be encountered in young people. Paying attention to ensure sterile conditions is important as in all other surgeries. After the necessary precautions are taken, it will be a very comfortable and easy surgery.


How Long Does Arm Lift Surgery Last?


The duration of operation may vary for each person. However, it is generally planned to be completed in 4-5 hours. Lifting is applied to both arms. After the excess skin is removed, stitches are placed carefully. Since the stitch mark will remain on inner side of the arm, it can be hardly noticed from the outside. After the arm lift surgery, patients stay in hospital for one or two nights. If there is not a problem about their general health conditions, they are discharged with recommendations.


Before Arm Lift Surgery

There is no need for an extra preparation before the surgery. As in all other surgeries performed under anaesthesia, some blood tests are required for this surgery as well. If you have reached your ideal weight before this surgery, in which arm sagging is treated, it will allow you to achieve better results. If you still have excess weight and you are planning to lose it, you may consider having this surgery after you get rid of these excess weight with exercise and diet. Thus, the result you get on your arms will be perfect.


What to Pay Attention After Arm Lift Surgery?

It is important to stay away from heavy physical activities and strenuous work during the recovery period. Patients may have pain on the first day after arm lift surgery. It is quite normal and does not mean that there is a problem. Painkillers may help to reduce pain. The postoperative pain is expected to disappear in a few days. Moreover, following a balanced nutrition, doing exercises and avoiding fatty foods will help you to maintain your physical form and prevent you from gaining weight again.